Goals – January 2017

2016 had its ups and downs, generally a year of not much personal growth or development. High points were delivering a rocking opening night at my ex-place of work, buying a house and, in June, celebrating a year of amicable separation and co-parenting. Low points were having to pull out of Tough Mudder due to injury, arguing with the ExOH towards the end of the … Continue reading Goals – January 2017

Dating – The Story So Far: Part 3

  Dating, the story so far : Part 3 So after The Beast, I started to feel a little bit more positive about meeting someone. He had been funny, smart and a total gentleman, well, most of the time… After some wine, one summer evening, I was chatting with a friend and we decided to set me up a Plenty of Fish account. Plenty of … Continue reading Dating – The Story So Far: Part 3

Dating – The Story So Far : Part 1

So, it all began back in January… After months of badgering from the girl gang, I joined the weird and wonderful world of online dating. I was NOT talking the likes of Tinder, Plenty of Fish etc, but a ‘grown up’ dating site. So off I trotted to match.com. Before long, I met a guy called Mark*. Mark was a witty, chatty kinda chap who … Continue reading Dating – The Story So Far : Part 1