The Boy – Second Date

Dating – The Boy – 2nd Date – 5th Jan/8th Jan

Does it count as a second date if it’s brunch the morning after a crazy passionate first night?

Surprisingly, the morning after the night before felt totally natural. The Boy is very easy to be around, and a total gentleman. After a lazy morning we decided to head out for brunch. The conversation continued to flow; we like a lot of the same things and have very similar values. He continued to surprise me with little things he would say, all adding to the ticks that were lining up in my head.

Slightly bonkers

Lot’s of ticks…

He dropped me off at home and we arranged our ‘official’ second date. Now I’m pretty well known for getting very over excited about positive things. Rose tinted love spectacles are firmly on at this point, but hey, who doesn’t like to get lost in a romantic idea??

Sunday evening, the date night, came around pretty quickly – the benefit of being a busy mama – and I got myself ready to go, and there they were, those butterflies. And questions…

What happens if he looks different to how I remember?
What if I imagined it all?
What if I’m not like he remembers and he pulls a face?

He came out to meet me and all the fears were dissipated, he was just as I remembered. Phew! We went for a drink, followed by dinner. Given that we had only met a few days ago, some pretty big questions were aired. Namely the ‘would you have any more children?’ clanger. This is a biggie for me. Having a baby is a massive deal for anyone, but for me, the two little darlings that I have came with crazy post natal depression; two years of having my head up my arse both times. Having another would take some serious consideration and stability, but I love babies, so it’s not totally out of the question. Despite this, the conversation felt OK. He sent me nice little text messages as the evening went on, made me smile and laugh and generally feel special. As the night went on he opened up a bit more. Behind the loud, in control, exhibitionist exterior I found a soft, adorable manboy. We were both totally ourselves and it felt amazing.

When I left, I couldn’t wait for the next time. All the heart eyes. 😍 😍 😍



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