Dating – The Story So Far: Part 4

After my reckless night with Anthony, and somewhat disappointing experience with Paul, I binned Plenty of Fish and decided to try another ‘grown-up’ dating site. Eharmony.

The sign up was pretty simple, as it is for all the dating sites. Within about three hours of me signing up, I get a message from a sweet looking guy. Eharmony makes you go through various compatibility tests before you are allowed to directly message someone. This is great because you get to figure out very quickly if a guy is a knob or not. Or indeed if you have anything in common.

We started chatting after the initial filters had been deemed acceptable and we got on really well. He wasn’t like the others. Not cocky, not remotely shallow, a genuinely lovely bloke. After several days of messaging we arranged to go on a date, I’ll never forget that moment when our eyes first met, it was raw and intense. I think that because he had been so gentle, and genuine, I was half expecting not to fancy him. This, thankfully, was not the case…

We drank and ate, and drank some more. It felt like we’d known each other for years. We went for dinner at a local Italian and the staff totally forgot about us, but it didn’t matter. He was just as laid back as me, and we were having such a great time, neither of us cared. Then we went to a bar, then another bar. As the night went on it became clear that neither of us wanted to leave, so we went back to mine and watched a couple of films. Well, we didn’t ACTUALLY watch them, we were too busy chatting, and kissing and generally having a very nice time. All Night Long.

I’d already expressly told him that there was a ‘no sex on the first date’ rule. In any case, he wasn’t really that kind of guy, much more of a gentleman. However, I can categorically say that he was THE BEST KISSER EVER.

Andy, I salute you.

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