Dating – The Story So Far: Part 2

A few months later…

After my disastrous first date with man, I cancelled all online dating subscriptions and ran away into a dark hole with my single self.

In the meantime I’d started a new job, it was sociable and loads of fun! The company I worked for had sent some training managers up from London to ease our team into some new systems. And thats where I met Luke*

He was 27, big and bearded. The life and soul of the party and totally hilarious. We got on like the proverbial burning house. We bonded over Disney after he told me I looked like Belle from Beauty and The Beast one day.

I am a total sucker for a flirty chat up line

There was laughter, flirting, cuddles, drinking and more laughter. Nothing was ever going to come of it because, frankly, he was 27 and we were in totally different stages in our lives. Me, a single mother of two and him, a carefree youth with the travel bug. But that didn’t stop us having a wild 24 hours of hot sex and gin. Man, that boy had some skills!

He went back to London after his two week hiatus up North and that was that. Well, apart from one hot date we arranged when I had a work trip to London, but, hey, who can blame me?

*Names have been changed

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